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Helping My Sister Get Clean

My little sister and I have always been close to one another, so I became concerned about her health rather quickly when she started taking prescription medication. She was in a car accident, and she was badly injured. The other driver was asleep at the wheel, and his car smashed into her while going sixty-five miles per hour. My sister was lucky to be alive. The car was totaled from the crash, and she was rushed to the emergency room. I met the ambulance at the hospital, and I saw he get carted into surgery.

I was incredibly worried about my sister when she was injured, but the doctors worked a miracle in the operating room because she made it out without putting them through too much work. She was awake that night, but she was talking strange because of the medication she was on. She was on a lot of medication when they sent her home from the hospital. I had to watch her to make sure she didn’t leave the house while being on the prescriptions they gave her. She was in pain, so I didn’t question the medicine the doctors gave her. However, the doctor didn’t work with her to get her off of the prescriptions.

The doctor issued more drugs to cope with her pain, and my sister started taking more of those pills. She was taking five different kinds of pain medication before I stepped in to intervene. I know she would do the same thing for me if I was in her spot. We have to look out for each other because we’re family, and family is supposed to care for one another. I helped her see that she needed to get professional assistance if she wanted to clean up her life. She reached a point where she was tired of being drowsy and sedated, and I took her to seek professional help by getting her counseling services.

Some people are able to kick habits on their own, but there are others like my sister who need professional assistance. It’s often not a simple process of putting down the drugs because the drug use is linked to other habits. My sister was having trouble dealing with the pain she was experiencing when she first started taking those medications. But she started using them as a habit when the pain left her. She needed to visit the professionals at a drug addiction recovery Marysville WA. to help find a way back to her normal lifestyle. She’s feeling a lot better these days.

I was worried when my sister went to that emergency room. I thought she might have been seriously injured. I was afraid she might not have the ability to walk or take care of herself, but she surprised us all by recovering quickly. She had a harder time getting off the pain medication. I’m glad I could be around to help her take control of her life. Her situation is getting better every day.