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Are Dogs Really Man’s Best Friend

Whoever said that the dog is man’s best friend do understand what it means when he said that and for most of us, pet owners, this statement is very real as we experience it in our lives with them. We call someone a friend who is our friend through thick and thin, and this is how dogs also related to their humans masters when they help contribute to their lives and to the lives of other animals in very important ways. And this has been the case since dogs have been around for as long as they have been. There is no other animal you can compare to a dog when it comes to sustaining a relationship with their owners. This is because the canine has adapted to human interaction in a very unique way. This has led to many dog breeds or canine companions that we know today.

Dogs have been known to play important roles in many events in human lives. They act as a loving companion and family member for most people who own one. However, there are other amazing things that dogs can do that we don’t do as humans. Thus, there is an extraordinary experience having a dog by our side.

Dogs have played important roles when it comes to law enforcement. We have seen dogs sniffing for bombs and drugs in public places and this is how they help law enforcers in their daily jobs. How many lives have been saved by dogs doing human rescue work? Whether it be in the wilderness, water, snow, or during an earthquake, dogs have been seen helping recuse humans. And many canines have proven their worth during these calamities. They also ask little in return when they perform the tasks that most humans are not designed to do.

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Dogs can also serve as a helper to the disabled human. A disabled human being will consider a dog as a very valuable helper especially if the dog is well-trained. Dogs have helped many people who are blind and have become the blind man’s seeing eye, protecting them from possible danger as they walk along the streets. There are many other types of disabilities where dogs can be very helpful to humans. And, like a good family member, they don’t ask anything n return.

Dogs are very willing to become a member of a family and this is the most unique part of our relationship with dogs. And this is like the family were its pack. This relationship of humans with dogs is something that have existed since man and dog first came together.

There is no question why dogs are called man’s best friend. And maybe they are thinking that humans are their best friends too.

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