Focusing Your Mind During An MRI

If your doctor has ordered an MRI scan, then it’s usually to get a closer look at certain areas of your body. Although this is a normal scan that is performed every day on numerous people, it can still be intimidating because of being on a table inside a large machine that circles around you. Fortunately, there are a few tips to keep in mind that can help you stay calm during the scan.

One of the ways that you can stay calm at any mri imaging kenai ak center is to learn as much as you can about what to expect. You can usually contact the center or even take a tour of the facility to view the machine so that you can see what it looks and sounds like. Find out how long you might be in the machine and what it will detect. If you’re prepared before your appointment, then it can sometimes decrease the anxiety that you have.

During the scan, you can talk to the technician if you’re nervous. There is usually a button that you can push as well if you feel like you need to come out of the machine. A benefit of being able to talk to each other is that the technician can let you know how much longer you have and what has been done so far. While you’re in the machine, try to keep your breathing as calm as possible. Focus on an image in front of you or a thought that makes you happy instead of thinking about being in an enclosed area. Try counting or reviewing a list of words in your head. These are techniques that can help to keep you focused on other thoughts instead of what’s going on around you.

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An option to help in staying calm during an MRI is to put a cloth over your face. This will help to keep your eyes closed, which can then make it feel like you’re in a different location. Ask if you can listen to music during the scan. You can then sing along to the songs or focus on the words of the song as a way of distraction. Another way that you can decrease your anxiety during an MRI is to ask a friend to stay with you. Even though the person might not be able to stay in the same room, you can usually talk to each other in the same way that you would talk to the technician.

While you’re on the table, focus on releasing the tension that you have in your body. Start at your toes, reaching all the way to your head in your mind. By the time you have gently released all of the tension that you have, then the scan will likely be over. You can also ask for a warm blanket as this can physically help with tension that you feel in your body, which can then make it a bit more comfortable while you’re inside the MRI machine.