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Guidelines to Write a Great Book

When you want to write a book there are some great steps that you can follow to help you bring out a great book. When you are writing a book you have to start by writing a story that you would read over and over again. You should not begin by considering of a story that will be the best seller. Think of a book that you love reading. Think of what that book talks about. May be it is talking about romance mystery or history. Do not write something so different from that.

What you should write what you love most. If there is a tone of voice that you love, or you have some characters that you like most, that is what is supposed to be included in your story. The idea is to ensure you write what you love. What will bring out your great writing is writing the things that you love. It will be hard to compose a story about something you do not love.

You should begin by listing all the things that are your obsession. Use that list as your guide as you start writing. The first step to your excellent book is, to begin with, an actor. Make that character believable. Ensure that you let the character surprise you by giving the story a different direction. If you are bit surprised by the character you are writing about, your reader may also not be surprised. As you begin to write your story, make it look like something that is surprising. Let your look like she is facing a persuasive problem, tormenting or challenging. That will propel the character to move forward. Think about something that the character will do to shape the future entirely.

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The other thing that you should add is to make things happen. When there are happenings the story becomes something great to read. You should make sure that you are making the story look great by including action on the story. Read through what you are writing and see whether there is an action in each scene. You should make sure what you are writing looks believable. make sure that your story is flowing from the beginning to the end without mixing characters.

When you start a story make sure you finish it. Do not be tempted to leave the story half way. Your finished tale should reach to the publishers. Do not be discouraged by the publishers who may reject your story in the beginning. Make sure you get it out again and again. As you expect for what you wrote to be released, start another one. Make sure you determine in the process what works for you. You will know from your experience what works for you. All what you need is to make sure that you do not give up.

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