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All About Having our Insurance Company Cover Your Weight Loss Program.

Before you ask the person behind the counter to charge for an extra milkshake or fries, think the cost beyond the money you are paying. Obesity is becoming too expensive not just for the individual but also for the employer. The latest statistics on the amount obese employees collect per year in form of health claims is 73 billion and it can even be more at this point. It takes a serious matter for the healthy employees to get in a situation that would require them to file a health claim. Employers, having realized how much employee obesity is costing them, are not including some weight loss programs in the health insurance docket. Even so, terms and conditions apply in matters to do with the care level and also the kind of coverage you have.Some of the insurance covers allow employees to use the card to pay for bypass surgery. Many of the bypass surgeries will cost 30 thousand dollars or less and even though this might seem like a lot of money, the amount the company will spend on health claims if the employee remains obese will add up quickly over time and by the end of the year the bill will be much bigger than that. Employees will not just be costing the company money but also time when they have to keep going to the doctor. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean just anyone can have their gastric bypass surgery charged on their insurance card which is why communicating with the insurance company to get the facts is highly recommended.

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For the approval to be granted, you have to convince the insurer that you actually need the surgery. The prove can be a recommendation letter from your doctor. To ensure the request goes through, the doctor should indicate your health condition in the present, the BMI, treatments and even weight history. There should be a prove that the obesity interferes with your ability to carry out your duties at work and that by losing weight you will be able to perform better. You need to show the company that the surgery will not be a quick fix for you when you have no intention of adjusting your lifestyle. This is why a medical nutritionist appointment or gym memberships are crucial. However, you cannot get out of that as soon as the surgery is done and assume there will be no repercussions. If you do not follow the rules, the amount spent on the surgery might be deducted from the income. There are other weight loss programs covered by health insurance besides a gastric bypass and if you need more information about these you can check on this website.