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Lawn Maintenance Methods

Everyone owning a lawn at the back of their house has this urge to have it have this perfect look and natural feel worth spending time at. You could be having a lawn at whichever place in your compound but the methods of lawn maintenance are pretty much similar but a few variation due to the location. Most people do not necessarily understand the critical need to take constant and great care of the lawn to make it perfect. Below is a comprehensive look into the ways in which you can apply to maintain your lawn.

As we start off, it is of utmost importance that we get to understand the need for lawn aeration. The soil needs adequate fresh air for it not to become compacted over time especially where there is great foot traffic. Without proper aeration means that the crucial nutrients, oxygen, and water that is necessary for the growth of grass do not reach the roots of the grass hence retarded growth. These supplements not reaching the essential part of the grass is the source of wilting and withering of the grass. To ensure that this does not happen, it is important that you aerate the soil at your lawn once in a while to ensure the healthy growth of the grass there.
The lawn also need to be fed so as to grow well.

Since the grass contains only natural nutrients at first when a lawn is growing, overtime the nutrients tend to be used up by the growing grass calling for the need to add on supplements such as fertilizer to ensure constant growth of healthy grass. As a form of awn feeding you can use fertilizers manufactured to be used on lawns to boost up the fertility of the soil at your lawn. There are different fertilizer types made specifically for different soil types and it is important that you get just the right one. You cannot just pick up any type of fertilizer at the store and apply it on your lawn. Preferably get fertilizer that is easily absorbed into the soil to prevent any further complication such as irritation on skin when people or animals take a rest at the lawn.

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In addition to all these, it is also crucial to take time to water the lawn. Depending with the climatic condition of your geographic location, you might not be required to frequently lawn your lawn due to rains that are constantly falling or probably you live in a relatively dry area where you need to constantly water your lawn.

With good aeration, feeding and watering, grass will definitely grow and now calls for a good mowing. Use a good lawn mower with sharp blades to mow over your lawn and do not mow your lawn when the grass is wet as you will not achieve a clean and even cut.

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