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General Dentistry Services

General dentistry is an area that many would like to be familiar with. There are actually a lot of dental procedures that the general dentistry would cover. General dentistry covers wide range of procedures, from x-ray, CAT scans, or up to molds of the teeth. If ever that you had undergone CAT scan, x-rays, or mold done, this all will fall under the category of the general dentistry. You can actually find that there are a lot of services that is being offered by most of the general dentists.

The first services offered by the general dentistry is fillings that can help restore the tooth. The fillings are composed of gold, mercury, porcelain, and also composite resins.

Next is the crowns which are actually fitted over the broken teeth or the damaged teeth. Th corwns can help maintain the stucture of the teeith and aid from further damage.

The dental bridge is used to anchor what is remaining to the teeth or crowns. The dental appliance can be fitted on the natural teeth of the client on either sides of the gap, thus it will help secure the replacement teeth to be in proper place.

The next service offered by the general dentistry is the root canal therapy which is a treatment done when the pulp in the tooth becomes infected and will aim to save the tooth from damage. The general dentist is required to perform this kind of procedure to the client and must be specialized one.

The dental bonding is another kind of service that is done in order to treat the cracked, misaligned or the shipped teeth. The materials being used is the composite resin that will harden and help fuse the teeth when the specialized light is shine upon it.

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Dentures is the next service offered by the general dentistry which are false teeth that is used in order to help replace those of the missing teeth that is similar with the natural teeth that is removed. You can choose from the natural or to the full dentures.

Maxillofacial treatment is another service offered by general dentistry which is a technical term that us used in order to describe the procedure in the mouth, jaw, and in face which will include the dental implants and treatments for the disorder in the temporomandibular joint.

Clients can choose among those service offered by the general dentists. But these are not the services offered by the general dentist since they also offers wide range of procedure like teeth whitening and veneers that can sometimes be costly.

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