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How To Identify The Original Jewelry

Most people have fallen victims to the rogue sellers who will sell you fake jewelry promising to be genuine. You might be surprised to spend a fortune in a fake 2-carat diamond ring thinking it is original because of the hiked prices. To ensure that you are protected during the purchase of the jewelry, you should consider the following pointers.

Be sure Of the Sources

Most of the jewelry is sold online and you have to be sure of the online shops that are dealing with these items. You need to verify the originality of any ring or chain that has been uploaded. Ensure that the site uploads original and clear photos and that they have the certificates to deal with the gold and the silver.

Verify The Details in the Warranty

You should not purchase the gold ring which does not come with a warranty attached to it. The standard days to return the jewelry should be fourteen days and you should avoid companies that are hesitant to provide those days. When the company has a flexible return policy, you will have peace of mind knowing that after confirming that the jewelry is not genuine, then you can be easily compensated.

Scrutinize The Jewelry

When you are purchasing gold, you should know that they never fade. Gold will stay for the longest time without losing their yellow color and they are denser as compared to the other precious metals. Ensure that you observe the gold ring and even touch it to confirm on the texture.

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Check at the Brand Signs and the Logo

You are likely to get the logos of the leading sellers in the market in the necklaces and the rings. You should ensure that verify that the fonts are the right ones and that the logos are spelled in the right way. Also verify that the jewelry has the serial number attached to it.

Have Proper Documentation

You should never accept any jewelry without having the documentation paper to indicate that you have acquired it legally. You should scrutinize the details of the documents to ensure that they are well written and that they do not have spelling or grammatical errors. Print marketing is one of the most important tools that most of the jewelry dealers will use.

One of the oldest ways to determine the original from fake chains is through the magnet test and you should ensure that you confirm it. You should trust your guts and only deal with the most reportable dealers in jewelry.

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