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Tips on Driving in a Dust Storm

In recent times with the events of climate change extreme weather events are noted to be a common phase that is happening and this has resulted to many people taking precautions when they have to drive through extra weather. Driving through a dust storm is noted by many to be dangerous and there is need for the drivers to ensure they take all necessary precautions to ensure they are able to keep safe in the dust storm and arrive to their destinations. In the event of a dust storm the first thing the drivers needs to do is to get off the roads ad ensure they stay off the roads, it is considered to be very dangerous for the drivers to go on driving yet there is a storm, the moment a driver notices there is a dust storm best move is pack fur from the highway till it clears. Upon packing the car on the side road, there is need for the individual to out on the headlights, the headlights need to be left on in order to signal there is a car that has been packed on the road side and avoid any collision that may occur.

In the event a dust storm strikes and the individual is on an emergency lane there is need to ensure the car headlights are noted switched on, the aim to ensure the lights are off is to ensure there are no other motorists trying to follow the car assuming that is the correct lane to follow. However, it is advocated when the driver still has some visibility there is need to ensure the car has been pulled off the road and the passenger do not try to leave the car as he or she may collide with another object. Drivers need to ensure all the windows have been rolled up and the doors have been tightly shut to ensure there is no dust that gets into the car.

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Motorists are advised to ensure the car vents are closed, the objective to close the car vents and filters is to ensure there is no dust that tries to get into the car through the vents as the storm is passing. There is need for the passengers to stay in the car with seat-belts fastened and wait for the storm to pass, the objective to ensure the individuals have the seat belt. There is need to cover the face in the event the storm comes with debris the car windows may be hit and damaged hence to reduce any risks there is need for the individual to cover their faces and keep calm.

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